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Kwik Clip & Sleeve I would also suggest it is well worth regularly unclipping the line and taking a close look for any signs of damage or wear. In a heavy baiting session I also like to move the line back or forward an inch every so often to minimize the wear & tear across a single section of line. If breaking line at the clip continues to be a common issue then it might be worth taking a much closer look at the line clip itself to see if it has any sharp edges. Another area to look for signs of wear or damage is on the line where it hangs over the tip ring when you begin the cast. A worn tip ring or any other cracked guide surface will soon make short work of any line. Care in Casting One way to soften the impact is to move the rod about 45 degrees to the left or right shortly after casting. This creates a slight bow in the line and as the spod/Spomb nears the target simply move the rod back toward the vertical and then drop the rod tip just before the spod or Spomb is about to hit the water. This might seem a little awkward at first bit it not only greatly reduces the force of the stop against the clip but also helps the spod/Spomb enter the water from a near vertical which helps ensure that it empties more effectively. Making Connections At the business end I like to connect 30 feet of 50lb braid shock leader to a kwik clip (plus a protective sleeve) so I can easily remove or change over between different sized spods or Spombs as needed.

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Sussex Wire Adds CNC Swiss Machining Capabilities Press release date: November 13, 2015 Easton PA Sussex Wire announces the addition of new micro-miniature Swiss Machining services to complement the company’s custom cold forming and roll forming capabilities. CNC Swiss Machining is ideal for manufacturing asymmetrical and complex parts in a single setup. The machine allows several operations to be performed at the same time instead of sequentially, which dramatically improves machine efficiency and reduces net part cost. Sussex Wire’s new CNC Swiss machines will be used primarily for production work, but will also be available to create prototypes of complex components very quickly to help facilitate the customer’s qualification process and time to market. According to Tim Kardish, president of Sussex Wire, “The company’s new CNC Swiss machining capabilities deliver a full complement of tight tolerance, complex geometry part manufacturing technologies under one roof. The addition of CNC Swiss Machining broadens our capabilities to meet our customers’ product life cycle management needs. The expanded capabilities afford our customers the option, working with our engineering department, to select the most appropriate manufacturing technology to achieve their functionality, tolerance, quality and cost objectives.” To learn more about Sussex Wire’s CNC Swiss Machining capabilities, visit . About Sussex Wire, Inc. Sussex Wire utilizes cold-forming, roll-forming and machining technologies to shape metal wire and specialty alloys at room temperatures into highly engineered, precision, micro-miniature components faster and in a more cost-effective manner than traditional machining, stamping, metal injection molding and casting methods can. The Company serves global blue chip customers who operate in the medical, electronics, connectors, computer, automobile, transportation, appliance, semiconductors, and glass to metal seal industries. Dozens of examples of custom parts are illustrated on the Company’s website, . Sussex Wire is one of a very few companies in the world that can manufacturer miniature, precision, geometrically complex, cold forming of parts in quantities ranging from 10 million to over 1 billion per year. The Company has the ability to manufacture and form symmetrical and asymmetrical components from wire diameters of 0.0035” to 0.250”. The Company is ISO 9001-2008 certified.

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